Selling Your Real Estate Book Of Business

Selling Your Real Estate Book Of BusinessWhen most people first become real estate agents they are probably not thinking about how they are going to get out of the business. They are thinking about how much money they are going to make once they get started and not how much they are going to make when it is time to get out. However, if you are not thinking about where you are going, will you ever get there? Probably not. You will most likely Continue reading

Things You Should Know About Vacancy

Things You Should Know About VacancyVacancies can ruin everything for a landlord if he doesn’t watch out because it will cost him more money. However, it is something inevitable. It will always happen time and time again as soon as a lease expires. The key is not to allow the increase of vacancy rate in your property.

Vacancy rate is the amount of time when you’re apartment units don’t get occupied. And this is a huge Continue reading

What a Listing Agent Should Do to Avoid Owners’ Criticism?

What a Listing Agent Should Do to Avoid Owners' Criticism?Homeowners whose listings do not sell quickly may have a tendency to blame the listing agent. This however does not have to happen.

A listing agent has an enormous responsibility towards a client who entrusted her with the listing and one of the main responsibilities of a listing agent is keeping the property owner informed. Many can l easily visualize a real estate agent showing Continue reading

Eviction Rules For a Sell and Rent Back Plan

Eviction Rules For a Sell and Rent Back PlanA provider that handles a sell and rent back scheme will be allowed to evict a person from a property after a period of time. However there are going to be some rules that will need to be followed in order to get this type of action to be handled. These are used so that the provider will be able to give the customer a fair sense of treatment and a fair warning if an eviction is going to take Continue reading

Problems With Mineral Rights Leasing

Problems With Mineral Rights LeasingAs many people dealing with mineral rights probably knows, mineral rights leasing comes with problems and setbacks. These problems are not easily resolved either, and takes time to overcome. Nevertheless, they can still be solved and taken cared of.

One problem that both parties would have to gloss over mineral rights transactions are the legal procedures. This would include the mineral Continue reading

Selling your Home – How many Rooms

Selling your Home - How many RoomsYou’ve asked a real estate agent to help sell your property. She goes around your house, interviews you, makes you sign a contract, and later on, places an advertisement for your home in the local daily. You browse through your ad and you notice that apart from it stating a different number of rooms from what you have counted, it also states that your house has ½ Continue reading

Why You Need a Home Stager

Why You Need a Home StagerHomeowners should know that by treating their windows, they are putting them as an added bonus if they are to sell their homes for potential buyers. Buyers will be relieved after seeing that much of their work in modifying and replacing old windows have already been done. This allows them to focus on other important work.

There are different windows to the different parts of the house. Small are smaller Continue reading