Selling your Home – How many Rooms

Selling your Home - How many RoomsYou’ve asked a real estate agent to help sell your property. She goes around your house, interviews you, makes you sign a contract, and later on, places an advertisement for your home in the local daily. You browse through your ad and you notice that apart from it stating a different number of rooms from what you have counted, it also states that your house has ½ Continue reading

Why You Need a Home Stager

Why You Need a Home StagerHomeowners should know that by treating their windows, they are putting them as an added bonus if they are to sell their homes for potential buyers. Buyers will be relieved after seeing that much of their work in modifying and replacing old windows have already been done. This allows them to focus on other important work.

There are different windows to the different parts of the house. Small are smaller Continue reading

Average Time It Takes to Sell a House

Average Time It Takes to Sell a HouseIt’s a difficult time in the economy and many are feeling the strain. The same can be said of the housing market. If you are getting ready to put your place up for sale, it can be discouraging and overwhelming. However, there are many things you can do to help move the process along.

A good starting point is to make improvements to your home. These do not have to be major expenses Continue reading

10 Cheap Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home

10 Cheap Ways to Increase the Value of Your HomeEven during slower economic times there lots of way to increase the value of your home very little or no investment. The biggest investment is your time and seat equity. When it comes to selling, the difference in selling well, or not at all, is in the details.

1) Clean your yard. This is your potential buyer’s first impression whether it’s on the internet or at curb side. Does Continue reading

List Your Home For Sale on These Sites

List Your Home For Sale on These SitesIf you are planning on selling your home yourself, or just want to know the places to list your house online, then it only makes sense to follow the trends. If you list your house on 100 websites, but none of them get a lot of exposure or traffic, then your odds of actually selling your house is low. On the other hand, if you choose the websites wisely, then listing your house on only a few of them can prove Continue reading

9 Simple Ways to Sell Your Home Fast in a Buyer’s Market

9 Simple Ways to Sell Your Home Fast in a Buyer's MarketWe seem to be bombarded everyday with news of the “mortgage meltdown” or the imminent bursting of the “housing bubble”. While there are some very real issues that need to be resolved in the real estate market, it is not quite as bad as the media is playing it out to be. After all, isn’t it their job to regularly report bad news? Well, how about some good news for a change? The interest Continue reading

How Does a Short Sale Work and What Are the Advantages?

How Does a Short Sale Work and What Are the Advantages?I am asked, “How does a short sale work?” nearly every day. As a real estate investor who specializes in buying distressed properties, I encourage borrowers facing foreclosure to discuss this special selling option with their lender. However, it must be stressed to promptly contact lenders because short sales are not an option once a house enters into foreclosure.

The answer Continue reading